I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, or «what I wanted to be when I grew up», (I think this is the worst question ever we ask our kids, but more on that later), so I played it safe and went to business school, and graduated in economics. Did all the right things, was engaged in different boards at school, even the president for one of them. That being said, it opened up some doors, and I got to do different projects and develop in so many ways that I am truly greatfull for, but this was of limited real value to me. If I had been true to myself, I would have been braver at an earlier stage, and chosen differently in many aspects of my life, but we all know what they say about hindsight right?…. gotta love it.

Things play out in the strangest ways, and an opportunity presented itself to me at just the right time. So I went back to school, and studied this thing we all have access to for a limited time. Made up by so many fascinating parts, all working together in a give/take symbiosis, healing, growing, internally cooperating, sending secret messages, creating the perfect business case study. Most of us refer to this as «The Body». So my next step; Personal Trainer. I have always been a nerd when it comes to science, biology, animals, how things regarding all living organisms work, so this was right up -and down, and up again, my alley. I know so many (really unnessesary) things about weird stuff, and I enjoy it to the moon and back. Wich by the way is approximatly 768 800km on average. And ofcourse made of cheese. The moon that is, not the distance. And the guy living there… that’s Bob. And Bob loves fishing. At least if you ask a certain film-producing company.

Then there is this thing on top, that is just AMAZING. If you haven’t started to explore your own brain yet, and the unbelievable possibilities and powers this muchy-wushy thing will provide for you (if you just let it, and know how), you need to put on some gloves, find a shovel, and start digging. There will be real treasures there, way beyond material value. It might lead you to material value though. It led me to study NLP (Nevro Linguistic Programming) and WOW. Neuroscience; ‘I bow to thee!’

So combining my work as a PT and NLP Coach, is really a fullfilling role. I am so humbled that people let me into their lives, and trust me with their health and wellbeing. It is a great responsibility, and I take it very seriously.