So who, what and why am I?
Born in Norway the magical year of 1984. A true summer child, and very much a Leo. Very much. I will most likely end up as the crazy (I would call it cool) cat-lady, only with Jaguars, Cheetas, Panters and Lions instead of cats. And sleeping alot. At 140 years old, not even the tiniest bags under my eyes.

As long as I can remember I have loved to travel, discover new places and cultures, different foods and cool people. I love creativity, and truly believe there is ALWAYS a solution, though it might be different than first predicted. Often I find it being even better!

I believe flexibility and joy is the key to win at life! I am not best at anything, soooo far from it. But I can do quite a lot of different stuff at an +/- OK level, which is perfectly good enough for me. Some of the stuff I have done and enjoy doing (brace yourselves):

  • Violin (this I am actually quite good at….music is my thing.)
  • Horseback riding (actually quite decent here as well)
  • Scuba Diving (I am terrified of sharks. Even in swimming pools.)
  • Snowboard (I get down the hill, but i have ABSOLUTELY no rush)
  • Cross Country Skiing (will go because it is almost a religion here in Norway, and people believe you are the closest ally to Satan if you don’t like this sport)
  • Dancing (influenced by my time in Costa Rica, love the latino moves. Just don’t give me advanced choreography! Or please do… then we can laugh our asses of together.)
  • Drama and acting. (I was even in charge of a drama-group during my teenage years, careering in the local church, even though not being even remotely close to religious)
  • Painting (sprung out from my periods with insomnia, and had to figure out something to do during the night to kill boredom)
  • Drawing
  • Golf (oh yes. I SUCK at this. But passed the test for this «green-card». Never ever play.)
  • Hunting (again, took the test, but not killed anything what so ever. Oh, maybe a mosquito or two.)
  • Cycling
  • Strength Training
  • Kick-boxing (Orange Belt)
  • Running (preferably on a beach)
  • Cooking and eating (I love food. L-O-V-E! It’s actually the main reason for me to do anything of the other stuff. So I can eat afterwords)
  • Gardening (it’s something so nice about having fresh herbs and nature right there on the balcony)
  • Meditation (witch for me is something different than what I know many people think of as “this crazy talking to mother earth etc etc” stuff. Trust me. There are so many ways, and I highly recommend you to be curious about this)

As the observant human-being you might be, you might have noticed that I really don’t do anything involving balls. My eyes are quite fucked up, so I lack the skill of depth vision. Which is kind of a nice attribute when it comes to catching and throwing stuff. But Hey! I have vision, and I even see double, so just imagine all the friends I have! And I get like a million gifts for x-mas.

Also in the summer of 2021, I survived this not so cool virus called TBE. I got this really romantic kiss by a tick, that landed me 5 days in a coma due to the serious inflammation in my brain having this huge on-going rave party. Obviously I did not die, but spent over a month isolated in the hospital, trying to re-learn how to speak, close my fist, walk and other normal stuff like putting on shoes. I am now excellent shoe-on-putter. 

Besides that I’m blessed with the coolest ever little human being produced on planet earth. Her name is Iselle, and will forever be the CEO (Chief Emotional Officer) of the Department of Feelings in my heart and soul.