So who, what and why am I?
Born in Norway the magical year of 1984. A true summer child, and very much a Leo. Very much. I will most likely end up as the crazy (I would call it cool) cat-lady, only with Jaguars, Cheetas, Panters and Lions instead of cats. And sleeping alot. At 140 years old, not even the tiniest bags under my eyes.

As long as I can remember I have loved to travel, discover new places and cultures, different foods and cool people. I love creativity, and truly believe there is ALWAYS a solution, though it might be different than first predicted. Often I find it being even better!

I believe flexibility and joy is the key to win at life! I am not best at anything, soooo far from it. But I can do quite a lot of different stuff at an +/- OK level, which is perfectly good enough for me. Some of the stuff I have done and enjoy doing (brace yourselves):

  • Violin (this I am actually quite good at….music is my thing.)
  • Horseback riding (actually quite decent here as well)
  • Scuba Diving (I am terrified of sharks. Even in swimming pools.)
  • Snowboard (I get down the hill, but i have ABSOLUTELY no rush)
  • Cross Country Skiing (will go because it is almost a religion here in Norway, and people believe you are the closest ally to Satan if you don’t like this sport)
  • Dancing (influenced by my time in Costa Rica, love the latino moves. Just don’t give me advanced choreography! Or please do… then we can laugh our asses of together.)
  • Drama and acting. (I was even in charge of a drama-group during my teenage years, careering in the local church, even though not being even remotely close to religious)
  • Painting (sprung out from my periods with insomnia, and had to figure out something to do during the night to kill boredom)
  • Drawing
  • Golf (oh yes. I SUCK at this. But passed the test for this «green-card». Never ever play.)
  • Hunting (again, took the test, but not killed anything what so ever. Oh, maybe a mosquito or two.)
  • Cycling
  • Strength Training
  • Kick-boxing (Orange Belt)
  • Running (preferably on a beach)
  • Cooking and eating (I love food. L-O-V-E! It’s actually the main reason for me to do anything of the other stuff. So I can eat afterwords)
  • Gardening (it’s something so nice about having fresh herbs and nature right there on the balcony)
  • Meditation (witch for me is something different than what I know many people think of as “this crazy talking to mother earth etc etc” stuff. Trust me. There are so many ways, and I highly recommend you to be curious about this)

As the observant human-being you might be, you might have noticed that I really don’t do anything involving balls. My eyes are quite fucked up, so I lack the skill of depth vision. Which is kind of a nice attribute when it comes to catching and throwing stuff. But Hey! I have vision, and I even see double, so just imagine all the friends I have! And I get like a million gifts for x-mas.